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How to build a platform storage bed for under $200

After shopping for a platform bed with storage I was quickly disappointed. Not only were the prices outrageous ranging from $1200 to $1800, but the actual amount of storage space was really minimal compared to the amount of space available under the bed. Fancy drawers or few drawers really ate up a lot of space. Not to mention the fact that I didn't want to spend that kind of money.

For less than $200, a trip to Home Depot and about 4 hours of an afternoon I built this. It probably took about the same amount of time to put together the YouTube video and this page so if this helps you feel free to send a small donation my way.

View the YouTube video here

DIY platform bed with storage

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This plan is for a king size bed with a platform height of 16.5 inches. Adjust measurements for your own needs.

Materials needed:

4 - sheets Poplar plywood
3 - 1x4x8 Poplar
20 - 2 inch corner braces

When purchasing your plywood, have the home improvement store rip the plywood for you.

Rip two sheets of plywood into three strips at 15 and 3/4 inches each strip.
Rip the other two sheets into 39.5 inch widths
The remaining strip from these two sheets should be ripped into 2 inch widths.

Build a storage platform king size bed plans.

Storage bed plans. DIY king size platform bed.

How to build a platform bed with storage. Free plans

Now get creative cutting the optional storage access into the side panels. You will need a jigsaw.

Kings size platform bed plans with storage

Now assemble two 80" sides with two of the 75" end pieces. You will need 8 corner braces, 3/4" wood screws and a screwdriver

Build a storage bed

Free platform bed plans

DIY storage bed plan

Build a cheap storage bed

Now take your last 75" piece and using four corner brackets, center and attach it between your access cutouts.

cheap platform bed plans

Build a simple storage bed

Free simple easy king size platform bed plans

Take your 39" and 38.75" pieces and center them longways. Attach with 8 corner brackets.

Build a platform bed out of plywood

Easy storage bed DIY do it yourself

Free plans for storage bed DIY - king size.

Now it's time to beef it up just a bit.

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Take your 2" x 34" strips and attach along the tops with 1.25" drywall screws.

Plywood platform storage bed plans

Build a storage bed cheap

Easy platform bed plan

Easy instructions to build a king size storage platform bed.

Build a bed out of plywood cheap

Now you're ready to lay the plywood tops on.

Line up the corners and square the platform. No need to nail the plywood.

Mitre your 1x4s and nail around the perimeter leaving a 1.25" riser above your plywood platform.

Finished product - cheap king sized platform storage bed.

do it yourself storage bed

free plans to build storage bed or platform bed.

Lay your mattress on and you're good to go!

Add more fancy trim, stain or paint, a twist of lime, enjoy!

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